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11-10-2003, 08:41 AM
Craig's not on it.
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Waitwait wait...

The team is scoring 3 goals per game while our starting goalie has the worst stats in hockey and was just sent home halfway through a road-trip due to a phantom groin-strain, and you're more concerned about offense than goaltending?

Scru dat.

Let's think big picture for a moment. In the big picture, Salo is gone after this season, leaving us with Conklin and Valiquette as our goaltending tandem. Lowe had better figure out quickly whether they have enough cheddar to cut it as #1 goalies in the NHL, and act accordingly.

edit: hang on, I missed this part
The only time I want to see Comrie and a goalie as part of the same deal is if the deal is a bigger one a goalie is added to any package for Comrie +.
which I agree with completely.

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