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02-07-2012, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by steven9d3 View Post
i went to the winter classic in all Rangers gear and cheered when the scored and won the game. as long as you dont start a problem chances are there wont be a problem
Originally Posted by NYRangers88 View Post
You can absolutely wear your gear. Don't respond to anyone and you'll be fine. I wear my jersey down there all the time with no problem!

Does no one remember this?

"The instigator was clearly Veteri," Nodiff said. "The punches were clearly thrown first by Veteri and his associates."

That attack left a New Jersey cop and decorated war veteran, identified as 30-year-old Neil Auricchio, knocked out with a concussion and facial injuries that require surgery, cops said.
A witness told police that he said, “Welcome to South Philly mother f%#*er” after knocking out Auricchio, police sources said.
Obviously the vast majority of people who wear Rangers gear won't go through anything like this, but that chance is out there. And there's a much higher chance of lesser, but still negative outcomes (people yelling stuff at you, pouring beer on you, maybe even throwing a pizza in your face, etc)

Edit: I wear my jerseys to pretty much any other away games I'll go to, but I wouldn't wear it in philly. It's just not worth it. The point of wearing the jersey is to show pride for your team in another teams home. I've never heard of wearing your teams jersey in another city for a game and completely ignoring the hometown faithful. It just doesn't happen. It's just in most other places there's a lot more good natured ribbing back and forth with the absolute worst being the yelling or the very very infrequent beer dump. In philly that stuff is what you'd be hoping for, with the worst being some animal bashing your face in.

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