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02-07-2012, 12:19 PM
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Saw this thread and had to join the boards. Im gonna try to upload a picture. My mother made my father and I quilts out of the tshirt giveaways from the playoffs the past few years.

I've got it signed by Talbot and Schultz so far, and my goal (legacy?) is to get it signed by anyone who has played for the Flyers.

So I have a couple questions:

Most of the autograph sessions at stores list two rates, one for pucks and photos, one for jerseys and equipment, so I would guess i'd pay the higher price?

I have season tickets, so I get to go to the meet the team and all that, and the carnival for the first time this year, but have made it a habit to go for quantity not quality in autographs, and usually end up with several players but not the "big names". Would it make sense to go and grab more of the "non stars" out and about (example: on the 17th I could swing SImmonds, Mez, and Bourdon for $60 and a little driving) and then suck it up and wait in line for the star players when they are free and not $60-90 (really Jagr?).

Any tips would be appreciated, I also plan to stalk Chickie and Petes on wednesday nights as they have people there sometimes too for Clements radio show.

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