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02-07-2012, 03:55 PM
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The Soap Opera Continues .....

So Iím watching The Bachelor last night (donít ask me why. Itís like a car wreck. You have to look). Ben tells Casey to go home because sheís still in love with her former boyfriend who dumped her. Then, he has a dance-off between Blakely and Rachel and even though Blakely throws herself all over him, he sends her home and keeps the more reserved Rachel. Then, after Jamie gives Ben a kissing tutorial in an effort to show him how she really feels about him, she becomes the one girl with no rose at the ending rose ceremony. Guess Ben didnít need to be shown how to makeout. Courtney, the resident Ho, continues to be the flirt who will do/show anything to keep Benís attention. So far, heís responding. Our girl from Clarksville, Kacie, is looking good and seems the best fit for Ben.

As the analogy goes, Ben is Ryan Suter, of course. Kacie is Smashville (local TN girl, not glamorous but solid; goes to the net and the hard places; a lot of detail in her game; not a passenger). Courtney is the Flyers. Showing skin every chance they get, these Flyers think they have a divine right to Ryan because they stole our last set of stars. The other girls are any combo of the Hawks, Wings, pick your CA franchise, and Boston/NY.

Interesting the way this drama is playing out. Smashville is cast as the overachieving, honorable results given the resources, solid team with limited upside. Certainly not the caliber to satisfy a stud like Ryan looking for the Cup. The other girls are all assumed to be better matches for our Ryan. They have it all. Yet, Smashville has been going out every night proving itís an elite team. Ryan keeps saying what he wants in a long term relationship, and Smashville just keeps showing that itís offering everything Ryan says he wants.
Iím starting to wonder whether Ryan is good enough for Smashville? We are true to ourselves. Weíre going to be Cup contenders with or without Ryan (better with). If Ryan canít take his eyes off of the ďCourtneyísĒ in this league, maybe he needs to stop fantasizing and live it. Heíll find sheís shallow and canít hold a candle to Kacie.

We played the Blues in a playoff style game Saturday and kicked butt. We will do the same tonight against the Nucks (another glamour girl who took Hammer from us). One-by-one, Kacie (Smashville) will show herself to be better than all the others, and a perfect fit for Ryan. He may be too dumb to see it. Hope not but when the others are flashy their ÖÖÖ. at him 24/7, it can lead him astray.

On The Bachelor, Ben is down to 6 girls. He will choose his soulmate over the next 2 months. Our Ryan has about 10 girls to choose from. His show will go longer (up to 4 months) before we know who will get the rose. In the meantime, Smashville will pile up points, sellout games, and make a run in the playoffs. The others will promise glamour and star treatment.

If Smashville doesnít get the rose, it will not define us. It will prove that while Ryanís been telling us for years he loves us and wants to be with us forever, he was really deceiving us. So be it. If itís not real, then we donít need it. If it is, itíll be a great ending to this Reality show. Stay tuned.

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