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02-07-2012, 03:59 PM
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...a huge lack of character....
And who is it that has been preaching character since day one?

We can spend an eternity (I've been a fan since '67) feathering out which person is responsible for this current collapse just like we spent months arguing over Murray's failure. What this franchise needs more than anything is accountability. We fans have the possibility to hold ownership accountable by our refusal to accept a crapped out product. Ownership has the possibility of holding management accountable by firing Lombardi. He's had five and a half years to produce. Enough already. What we have is a first line that disappears for long stretches, a second line with Penner and Stoll on the wings and a third line that couldn't put a puck in the ocean if they were on the Titanic.

So, Lombardi it's your move and I'll call the moving van.

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