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Originally Posted by do0glas View Post
the stuff they let into print these days is abysmal...especially in sports.

this is no exception.

I don't disagree that Pavelski is a possibility to be traded, i really dont...but when your squad NEEDS versatility, scoring, and depth a legit top 6 doesnt seem like it would be on the table.

realistically you wont see any inter-conference trading unless the team is well and truly out of the play off picture and there is 0 animosity, so dont even mention perry!

Ruutu continues to be hyped, and these things tend to lead to over valuations on Carolinas part, so pavs-ruutu wont happen unless we sweeten the deal unfortunately...maybe DW could talk sense into him, but are we really getting an upgrade by dumping pavs for ruutu? not to mention his UFA status this we could potential talk his contract down since we are perennial play off contenders or give him a raise and not lose any other bodies. this would be a bad trade that would NOT put us in a better position.
he is a C that shoots left...pavs shoots right and can play right/C. and has broken 60points before, and is a year younger. so many reasons this trade never happens.
I'm sorry, I must be miss-reading that. Are you really saying Pavelski isn't worth a UFA Ruutu? Hell I wouldn't trade Pavelski for a signed Ruutu, they are not even on the same level of player.

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