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02-07-2012, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by SAKS AVENUE View Post
A little off topic but cool none the less.

I went to go get my computer fixed at the mac store in Nashville (where I live now) I was waiting for my turn at the genius bar for my computer to get checked out. While waiting I was surfing HFboards killing time.
I realized i was standing in someones way who was trying to check out the headphones. When I looked up I did a double take. It was Maxime Lapierre.

He was pretty cool,nice guy. Introduced myself as a hardcore Habs fan. He just mentioned how all teams go on a cycle and it was time to clean house and bring in some youth and an early pick for the Habs.

He isn't that big, really nice, and believe it or not a lot better looking in real life. Not in a gay way, it's just on TV he looks a lot creepier and face like a foot syndrome.

Anyways thought it was cool to mention.
Thanks for the story. I also met him once and he is a pretty cool down to earth guy. So he is a tank fan? Geez, you didn't have to bring something else for some people in here to hate him more....

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