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Originally Posted by devils4cup View Post

What i don't understand is that from the people I know who own combo shields they don't tend to fog up as quickly or at all compared to the full shields.

However, by comparing the two, the ventilation seems to be exactly the same.

I've had a cage, switched to a shield and hated it so i went back to a cage. When you a nasty high stick in the face. The paint marks on your shield is like Chinese water torture until you can buff it out
Yeah, the ventilation seems the same in the picture but all that extra plastic really suffocates you when you're sitting on the bench. You're right about scuffs, I hate them and i feel the same way about the bars in my line of sight wearing a cage. I may just break down and drop some cash on the visor combo. I probably shouldn't even wear the cat eye cage, not because of injury but because I may not be able to go back after having all that visibility!

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