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02-07-2012, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
That's fine but this is once again (I think I had this argument when this first happened ) when I bring up that there are paid professionals scouting this kid. Not fans watching YouTube clips and reading Bill Meltzer's tweets. I know everyone on here is an expert an knows at least as much as the pros, but I will defer to the organization and the other 29 that passed on him. Sure, they could be mistaken, but judging by the fact that he went undrafted, then unsigned, and passed up for national teams, that has to at least give credence to the fact that they know what they are doing here. Not proof positive but at this point it is all we have because who knows how good he will be.
30 organizations passed on Matt Read, on Erik Gustafsson, on Sergei Bobrovsky...

Why is it so hard to believe 30 organizations could stupidly pass on Eriksson after one bad year only for him to be a very relevant and important NHLer?

Pretend for a second the Flyers didn't ever draft him.

Pretend, just like Bobrovsky, he'd been sitting overseas, developing, and waiting for an NHL team not to snatch him up.

Knowing what you know about Bryzgalov's contract in potential disarray, that the fall-out from it could cost us Bobrovsky, and that Hovinen, as a much older goalie, has only had two really strong seasons in his career, can you really argue against going after and attempting to sign a 21-year-old dominant goalie in the third highest league in the world who has been pretty much dominant almost throughout his career?

Not going after Eriksson is stupid.

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