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Originally Posted by philly_28 View Post
I don't think you can just dismiss the debate about whether or not Eli is better than Peyton. This is a league that has its main focus on the playoffs. If you examine the body of work of the two in the playoffs, it really gets quite interesting.

Eli has a 8-3 record in the playoffs (including a 7-1 mark on the road or on neutral sites). Peyton has a 9-10 record in the playoffs (includes 3 losses in the divisional round after a bye week in seasons the Colts have won 12 or more games in the regular season). I know that wins and losses are a team stat, but the play of both QBs contributed heavily to the outcome of those games. Eli for the most part played extremely well in the playoffs (1 or 2 stinkers here and there) and had a huge role in both Super Bowl runs. In both games he lead his team to last minute game-winnig drives against the Patriots. The Patriots, who are undoubtedly the team of the decade with one of the biggest masterminds as head coach and one of the most clutch QBs to ever play the game. Those same Patriots that Peyton couldn't overcome earlier in his career. Peyton for the most part of his career couldn't duplicate his regular season performances in the playoffs. All those 12-4 and 13-3 Colts teams amassed those records mainly because of outstanding QB play by Peyton and they lost all those playoff games in part because of subpar QB play by him. To sum it up (although I hate the QB rating, it's still a good indicator) Eli has a career 89.3 rating in the playoffs, Peyton has 88.4.

But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Eli is better than Peyton, you just can't throw all of Peyton's regular season accomplishments out of the window and in seasons past he played a lot better in the playoffs than earlier in his career. I'm just saying there are some arguments out there in favor of Eli and it's not absolutely ridiculous to discuss this, although the outcome of the debate is still unchanged: Peyton > Eli.
I get what you're saying, but the regular season numbers are so heavily in the favor of Peyton that it just isn't close IMO. The playoffs provide a small sample, and QB's are definitely not everything. Eli's first ring was mainly because of his defense, and in the year the Colts won the SB Manning actually didn't have that good of a playoff if I remember correctly. He has had several very good games in the playoffs, and yet his team has still lost because of reasons that had nothing to do with him.

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