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02-07-2012, 07:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Gert B Frobe View Post
The NBA is a bad league - a horrible product altogether. Great game but a bad league. The problem is their CBA and the guaranteed contracts. Nobody with any brains bets on the NBA because they all get their money no matter how well they play and the refs fix the games.

The Sixers are an anomaly. An NBA team playing defense and running the floor like a college team. The thing that sucks is the refs will never let this team win it all because they don't have the superstar like the Heat or the Lakers - whose top players get all the calls.

KOBE KOBE KOBE!!!! yaaaay!!! who the **** names their kid after a steak house?
I agree and I was really hoping with their lockout that they'd institute a salary cap like the NHL did, to stop the building of these super teams.

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