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11-10-2003, 10:09 AM
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"Fare enough about Sullivan and Smith, but common Jason Smith and Steve sullivan I doubt would have turnt into the players they are today with out a change of teams"

Seems like another knock against Quinn, he can't get the most out of young players.

"Now you can beat that horse to death if you like but that is still not getting to the point I have made that Quinn has done alot for this franchise and does deserve credit for it"

Sure he does, but how long do you have to stay on a shinking ship because it got you half way across the ocean?

"And Slugo Changing comfrences isn't what made this team earn over 90 points each season since Quinn took over"

Alone, not it didn't. But it helped.

"To be honst I refuse to even start a debate about anything with you because you fail to see anyone elses points and turn a blind eye to any facts that prove you wrong 99.9 - 100 percent of the time so I am kinda voiding your posts at the moment until you prove other wise"

Seems like you'd rather just ignore the posts I make that "prove" you wrong. I notice how you ignored the benefits of blowing up the team I pointed out and how meaningless it would be not to do so if they aren't a favorite to win the cup. And when someone does prove me worng I do admit it.

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