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11-10-2003, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by TKLOOCH22
Well giving up is a bit dramatic, dont you think? If Moore gets sent down or is a scratch for the EDM game then vent and panic. But if you think about it, playing Purinton and sitting the rookie against the rough and tumble Flyers with Fedoruk and Brashear to name a few is easy to understand.

Right now there is an overload. A player or two needs to be shipped out and maybe even for draft pick(s) or prospects.

TKLOOCH I can understand that sather was a little intimidated by a tough Flyers team. My question is was putting Purinton in the line-up to get into one fight and see the ice for 2 minutes worth it? He didn't exactly get out there and push around the big FlyGuys, he got into one fight which really wasn't that good. If we don't have faith in Dale to be able to go out and play hockey for the rest of the game, we basically are sacraficing a fourth line. If Sather was planning on doing that, why wouldn't he play seven defensemen and leave Jamie on the bench and use him sporatically as an extra foward? That would seem like the proper coaching move too me, am I wrong? Im not trying to be a wise ass, im actually geniunly curious if Im making a fair assessment.

As for Moore, he really isn't a kid that needs to be protected. If he were 18, that would be one thing, but he's 22 or 23, not exactly sure. He should be old enough that if he really is going to be an effective NHL player than he should be playing against the big boys cause there are many teams out there that use size as one of their main weapons to win hockey games. I disagree with you on the point of benching Lundmark and Moore to "protect" them from the goons on the Flyers.

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