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02-07-2012, 10:25 PM
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Originally Posted by BenedictGomez View Post
No. By rule if they decided that Volchenkov pushed Gaborik sufficiently to have unavoidable contact with the keeper it would 100% be a good goal.

What happened was there was very slight contact, and Gaborik (incredibly smartly) used that as an excuse to pull a Lawrence Taylor on Brodeur. If MG doesnt bulldoze Marty over, it's a very simple save and the game's over. Basically a really smart play on Gaborik part, because it at least gives you a chance to score, and then it's just up to the refs (who didnt bite on it). But the alternative is you lose, so why not knock over the keeper in that situation?
Bulldoze and Marian Gaborik in the same sentence??? Come on did you watch the goal, he tried to stop and this wasn't Rupp or Boyle or Bickel... this was probably our least physical player being pushed into your goalie. You make it sound as if his helmet came off and he went through the net and the boards.

Did Gaborik hit Marty, yes. Was he pushed in, yes. Did he try and stop, sure looked like it to me.

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