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01-12-2006, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Wolfpack
In the rec league I play in you must have either a half shield, a full shield, a half cage or a full cage.

I play with a half shield and wear a mouthguard, and haven't had any problems so far (2nd season) knock on wood.

Last game a guy on my team went to lift the stick of an opposing player and either his or the other player's stick came up and got the guy in the mouth. He claimed that his tooth was chipped, which got my teammate kicked out of the game, even though the guy with the chipped tooth never missed a shift.

Anything can happen I guess, but I would assume that the guy wasn't wearing a mouthguard.

My buddy who plays with a full cage admits that it makes him play a lot more fearless because he feels invincible. That can be dangerous in itself.

The guy chipped a tooth he did not break a leg. No reason to miss a shift. I played for years without a cage and no problems. Then one night same situation as described above I had two teeth removed by a guy that was not a dentist. I put the cage back on and it does reduce my vision a little, but all the trips to the dentist I have made the past few months keeps me wearing it. My advice is go to the cage unless it is going to ruin your game and you will not go pro.

I did miss one shift when I lost the teeth, but that was to stop the bleeding.

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