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Originally Posted by tomd View Post
Cloutier and his extention ring a bell? or Sean Burke?
Yes, and if you'd read the post i was replying to, it was about how he reacted to the Cloutier trade. Burke was a stop gap he got for a 4th, not quite the same as trading Huet for Garon now is it?

And if you want to compare half ass goalies between DT and DL go ahead. You got Cloutier and Burke for DL. DT had Fiset, Cechmanek, Potvin, Dafoe and Garon. And Burke only played 23 games as a King, DT ran through studs like Legace, Storr and Steve Passmore.

DT doesn't hold a candle to DL when it comes to goalies, don't kid yourself.

Originally Posted by tomd View Post
Gleason and Johnson are a wash IMO. Gleason is FAR better defensively while Johnson has an offensive (albeit inconsistent) edge. The only trade that Lombardi has clearly won was for Williams. We'll see if the 4 year contract extention was a mistake which offset the original trade. All of his other high profile trades have been bad ones. I'll stand by my Richards comments (just like I'll stand by my Penner comments from almost a year ago). Finally, our "pipeline of talent" is no better than any other in the NHL at this point...and there are certainly no elite prospects in the pool.
If you want to think Johnon and Gleason are a wash, go ahead. Doesn't make it right and I doubt you'll find the majority of Kings, or Canes fans for that metter, agreeing with you. DL won that deal. it wsn't a rip off, but he won the trade.

Originally Posted by tomd View Post
And this is the biggest canard in the whole Lombardi mirage...that he "developed" Quick. Like the 71 games that Quick played in the AHL and ECHL over the space of 1 1/2 years "developed" him. Come on. Quick was a GREAT draft choice who would be a star on any of the 30 teams in the league. The only reason he came up so early was because Cloutier was a disaster and the Kings had gone through every other option.
No, this is your biggest canard. Where is there a statement that to develop a player he must play in the minors for a specific amount of time? Look at Doughty, he jumped to the NHL immediately, does that mean DL ruined him? No, you put a player in the right circumstances to succeed. For some, that means coming straight to the NHL like Doughty, for some you play in college and about one full minor league season, like Quick. For some, you sit in the AHL for 3+ seasons like Voynov and Martinez. No one is the same, to assume that there's a set guideline for time in the minors to equate to proper development is assinine.

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