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02-08-2012, 01:00 AM
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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
The vast majority of controversial calls are reviewed. So we're talking a small number of plays that would be challenged. Of those plays that are challenged, how many would be overturned? The call tonight wouldn't be overturned. It was a judgment call that could go either way. We see Gaborik getting pushed, Devils fans see him running Brodeur even if Volchenkov was 10 feet away from him. Nothing would change upon review.

I think the amount of calls that would end up being challenged and overturned would be so insignificant that it's not worth making any type of new procedure.

If the ability to "challenge" calls leads to A SINGLE GOAL being corrected and allowed to stand over the course of a season, then it's worth it.

What about this blown call 3 weeks ago that went against San Jose?

Refs made a terrible call and it wasn't reviewable. San Jose went on to win the game in a shootout still, but it would have been brutal to lose a potential point on a call like that. The standings are so close that 1 point could decide if you're in or out of the playoffs, or home-ice in the first round - which affects a potential game 7 at home and loss/gain of millions of dollars in revenue.

I'd MUCH rather have the head crew in Toronto review these goalie interference calls and thus have CONSISTENCY throughout the league of what is a goal and what is not a goal.

Hockey is such a fast game, these bang-bang plays at the net happen too quick for refs to consistently make the correct call. And what constitutes incidental contact, whether it was a push, etc varies from referee to referee. It's a discretionary call and it shouldn't be. Let the war room in Toronto rule goal or no goal.

At the very least, these plays should be reviewable.

But I am also 100% for an NFL type system where each coach has 1 challenge per game. Only certain things will be able to be challenged, such as plays like tonight or things like a high-stick to the face that causes an injury/blood but is missed by the officials. At the next whistle, the coach can "challenge" it, and the correct 4 minute power play will be rewarded.

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