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02-08-2012, 06:41 AM
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My favorite player on the team, seems to be develloping more into a great puck possession player than pure playmaker. In terms of overall offensive game something makes me think of a way I used to describes Subban's offence the other day, I said that Subban doesn't really have the playmaking ceilling of a guy like Markov has but a lot of his points will come from the simple fact that he's such a good puck possession player. Basically puck possesion=goals Doesn't mean they can't make great passes (but if you've watched them both you may have noticed they botth kind of have a bit of a puck hog tendencies wich seems to be a trait of puck possession type) but a big part of their offence is a simple ability to drive the play at the other end of the ice.

Eller is already on an average top 6 foward point pace at ES so a big part of his low numbers come from not getting powerplaytime. I also think he'll be a player that averages more assists than goals once he plays consistently with offensive minded linemates, but his devellopment is not close to done anyway. But its great seeing him this season, he was very very raw last year even for a 21 year old but he's progressing very nicely and, most important, consistently.

I see him become a good two way tough minutes foward. Something like +-40ES pts playing against top lines, the rest will depend on PP time, wich is unpredictable.

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