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02-08-2012, 08:10 AM
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Who on the Internet is Jay Richardson (sung to the tune of Carmen SanDiego)

Ok, Jay Richardson has been dropping a few too many HFJets references on the Power Hour of the Big Show lately, I will add the three occasions I have noted below after I dig them up again. Feel free to add your references and speculation as to the HFB identity of the good Mr. Richardson.

From Feb 1, WPG v PHI PGT
Originally Posted by YWGinYYZ
They should have mentioned the Hustler and Lawless pic.

Everyone ok with me doing another Bro Wars GDT while its working its silly superstitious magic for the Jets?EndQuote

Leibel doing a Jar Jar imitation was pretty amusing... Seemed to get on Jay's nerves in about a half second
From Feb 3 WPG v Panthers PGT

Really Jay Richardson. "The rollercoaster is trending up" this morning. We know you're one of us.
From Today Feb 8 WPG v Leafs (I feel dirty)

Originally Posted by King Woodballs

First what did he say....

Second who is he here?

He has to be a poster.

Maybe even a mod EndQuote

Today's gumdrop in the "WHERE IN THE INTERNET IS JAY RICHARDSON" was something along the lines of "some guy on a message board posted a rilarious screen capture of Oduya with a huge grim on his face in the fight last night"

So, we have two Jet references, and one YYGinYYZ reference.......hmmmm. I think I'll start a thread on this mystery, we need to break out the Mystery Machine and get Scooby out of the Humane Society.
Oh, and HI JAY! We know you're going to read this!

Time to jumpstart the Mystery Machine and break Scooby out of the Humane Society!

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