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02-08-2012, 09:56 AM
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I've seen the replay a mission times.

It was a marginal call, kinda.

Only reason why is because Marty was way deep in the crease. The crease is the no-fly zone. Sure Gaborik made a decent attempt to stop. He was sideways, digging in his blades and using his stick on the ice as a tripod.

But even if Volchenkov was never there, there's a good reason to believe Gaborik would have still been in the crease and hit Broduer anyway. Remember, you dont have to knock a goalie down to get an interference call. If Gabby touches Brodeur's skatelaces and Marty is 100% in the crease, the refs will waive it off.

Still, Volchenkov was 100 pct the reason why Marty fell down. And I dont think Marty flopped.

Rangers havent gotten many breaks from the referees this season.

The NHL needs to make this a reviewable play. Replay shows Gabs digging in his blades with his stick on the ground a good 6 feet from Brodeur. Anybody who's played hockey or ice skated knows that there's no was you can travel 8 feet and knock somebody down with your blade dug in.

Whatever. Devils got the bounces the last two games. They're hot right now. But look at Ottawa. That can change quick.

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