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02-08-2012, 10:51 AM
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Originally Posted by VFL615 View Post
Heard some interesting insite this morning on local Nashville radio. Here are some of the things that caught my attention and am interested in yalls thoughts.

1. 104.5 They were talking about the preds and some guy called in wondering if the Preds would be interested in Carter. Mark Howard immediatly broke the dude off and said NO he is a cancer to the locker room and a dog. He said he parties way to much as well. The thing that caught my ears however is he said that Carter is the only player that Trotz has publicly critized. After the Blue Jackets game where Carter scored a hat trick and we ended up winning Trots in his post game answered a reporters ? and said something to the effect of yeah he scored his hat trick and then disappeared. I personally did not watch or hear the post game that night. Did anyone else?
If this is true without the backing of Trotz this deal is never going to happen so everyone mark him off the list.

2. 102.5 They were interviewing Trotz in a segment they call coffee with the coach.
Trotz was talking about the team and said this team is good and has something special about it. If we could just add some pieces and keep playing good hockey this team can go far.
He also went on to mention that after the game him and Suter were walking out of the arena together and he told Suter we have a really good hockey team and that Suter looked right at him and said yeah we do.

I hope Suter really believes that because it is going to take the big 3's leadership and play to get this team to where they are capable of.
I like this a lot. Didn't hear that, thanks for sharing.

I also heard Mark's rant about Carter, found it interesting. He usually knows what he's talking about, but damn he's such an unbelievable know-it-all it gets so old listening to him sometimes....

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