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11-10-2003, 11:10 AM
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It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall when the coaching staff isn't around to hear what the players feel about the way Slats is running the show and what they think of all his double talking.

I can't stand Slats as ANYBODY who closely listens to what he says realizes the guy has a character problem and no backbone as he is constantly talking out of both sides of his mouth and bending scenario's to fit his version of a story if not fabricate them all togther.

And the best part about it is the level of arrogance NEVER seems to subside, regardless of the situation or how much egg he may have on his face at a given time.You would think that EVERYONE seeing right through his little front he puts on and openly laughing in his face with some of the gems he's thrown out there that this a$$hole would be smart enough to pull it in a bit and reaccess the situation but not this clown.

At times like this I'm sure most of the players as well as the majority of the fans wish that Slats would find that "42nd ST BRIDGE" he was refering to the other day and let him make his "you either a lion or a mouse" statement as he takes the plunge downward.

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