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02-08-2012, 12:08 PM
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1971 Rangers vs Maple Leafs

Posted the same 2 teams yesterday, and thought what the heck? Why not post another.

First round of the playoffs, April 8, 1971. The result of this brawl was that Bernie Parent had to be replaced by 42-year-old Jacques Plante. 34 seconds after the game restarted, a bench-clearing broke out and Plante was thrown to the ice by Giacomin. Sadly, the bench clearing is not on Youtube.


#8 Jim Dorey
#10 George Armstrong (Hall of Fame)
#12 Jim Harrison 5 + game + $150
#21 Bob Baun
#27 Darryl Sittler 5 + 10 + $50
#30 Bernie Parent (Hall of Fame) $50

#1 Ed Giacomin (Hall of Fame) $50
#2 Brad Park (Hall of Fame) 5 + 10 + $50
#4 either Arnie or Larry Brown
#7 Rod Gilbert (Hall of Fame)
#11 Vic Hadfield 5 + game + $100
#19 Jean Ratelle (Hall of Fame)

Noteworthy Moments

0:04 - Brawl begins with Harrison laying a seemingly clean check on Hadfield. I assume something had already been going on between them, because Hadfield loses it and goes all "jackhammer" on a kneeling Harrison.

0:35 - Hadfield throws a haymaker at Harrison while the refs are holding him down, causing Bernie Parent to leave his crease.

0:48 - Ed Giacomin shoves a ref, then grabs Parent from behind with a twisting headlock.

1:28 - You can just barely see Hadfield's arm as he throws Parent's mask into the crowd.

2:10 - Hadfield pretends to be skating away, then turns and shoves Baun, restarting the brawl.

3:45 - After a long dance with Darryl Sittler, Brad Park casually puts his arm around the ref's shoulder. Ref doesn't seem amused.

5:27 - The old man leaning over the boards is none other than King Clancy!

5:30 - In an alternate universe, where the internet existed in 1971, HF crashes.

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