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01-12-2006, 04:48 PM
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this one can be overanalyzed, and so far it seems to have been, but here are a few of my thoughts about what we saw..

..vokoun was absolutely brilliant. i don't care if he gave up 3 goals, in my mind this was the best game he played all year. there were no less than 5 highlight saves made by the guy in the first two periods alone.

..he had to be brilliant, because of all the penalties, all the odd man rushes, the 4 three on twos we gave up, the 2 two on ones, the one breakaway, the three defensive meltdowns where someone broke in alone on vokoun from a simple offensive set..vokoun had to face SEVENTEEN shots from the Atlanta powerplay alone, that arguably is the best powerplay in the league right now. a lesser goalie would have given up 6 goals last night at the minimum.

..shame on us for putting him in that position. 10 frigging penalties, 5 of which were ticky-tac calls to be sure, but still far to many. shame on us for the defensive breakdowns we had, both with defensivmen and our frontliners.

..having said that, this was probably the worst officiated game i've seen this year, and i've seen more than 200 games between all our home games and center ice. 4 of the penalites on us and two of theirs were horrible calls. simply horrible, koharski and mccauley should be fired tomorrow if this is an example of their ability/judgement.

..timonen and markov both hurt last night. both with shots off the ankle. both sat out the last 15 minutes. we cann't lose both these guys at the same time. makes our hanging in there and actually getting a point more impressive. thing that all the penalties did that killed us, was it took our 4th line off ice for pretty much the entire game. boom, hordichuk scores on his first shift, and then they basically get no more time on ice (4 minutes for the entire frigging game). this really hurt, since right now they're our 2nd best offensive line (as sad as that is to say)

..what a pretty deflection by the offensive machine that goes by the name of hordichuk. all you can do is hope to contain a talent like hordy. nice fake shot to freeze lehtonen and tape to tape pass by zidlicky to hit him.

..the kozlov goal to tie...sigh. you knew they would come out jumping to start the third period. suter failed to get out and pick kozlov up early enough. zidlicky got beaten to the puck in the corner to allow the pass. the 3rd line couldn't relieve the offensive pressure from ATL. vokoun never saw the shot and wasn't really square to kozlov.

..then we come back and get the big goal to go right back ahead, and get our hopes back up. sullivan-walker-perreualt..pretty goal..this is our number one line right now, no matter what the numbering system says.

..of course they come right back out and beat our "no.1" line. fiddler made a very poor play actually dragging the puck back into our zone after it had been cleared, then timonen gets on the wrong side of kovalchuk allowing him to get that rocket off.

..the savard pp goal, on the pp when hamhuis had been called for "roughing" for simply playing hockey along the boards. i actually think markov tipped this shot over vokoun trying to deflect the puck. anyone see his reaction when the puck went in over vokoun?

..then the perreault pp goal (cough,cough).. great work by perreault, getting a goal totally on his own, mainly because the powerplay was so bad, it had atlanta unsure of what we were doing out there.

..hossa just has a great quick release, much like kariya, and simply shot the puck before vokoun could react...koun got an unlikely bounce in that it hit his pad, but didn't deflect away far enough

..perreault..give the guy his due. he's a wristshot shooting pylon. he has great offensive instincts. (for all those perreault worshippers, don't overlook that two of those breakins on vokoun were his man that had beaten him down ice and to the front of the net).. but i have no idea where we'd be right now if it weren't for perreualt. certainly wouldn't have the point we walked away with last night i know that.

..walker looked better. still not near the old walker yet. speed and the forechecking ability isn't near there yet. but you could see an improvement in his skating and offensive ability in just one game. another week or so on walks and he'll be back as we know him.

..kariya did his best last night. the scoresheet shows he had 5 shots, the most he's had in a month. of course, they came from his own effort and had nothing at all to do with his linemates.. notice 4 of those 5 were long shots from beyond the faceoff dot as he skated the puck into the zone himself..

..erat stunk up the place. 6 minutes of minor penalties that killed any momentum we had. the interference call was crap, but it stole a goal away from us, and has to be put back on erat to a degree. no shots on net, no factor..well maybe a negative factor.. fiddler didn't have a very productive game either

..if there was ever a good penalty to take, walker's hook on kovalchuk was it. shows the hockey sense this man has.

..hartnell got zero time in the overtime.. zero.. and fiddler gets two shifts.. and greg johnson gets over a minute?.. what the heck was trotzie thinking there?

..hordichuk with 4 hits in 4 minutes played last night...he now leads the league in number of hits per minute played..AND he's actually scoring some goals.. i'd be tempted to put him on the 1st line with kariya instead of erat for a game

..the 4th time this year where we've had a game with detroit sitting idle or finished, where if we'd won, we'd have tied or passed detroit.. the fourth frigging time

... man did our powerplay look horrible compared to Atlanta's last night... they get 17 shots in 16:28 of powerplay time, we get 5 shots in our 9:42 of powerplay time... that 17-5 doesn't tell the whole story either, as they had many,many more good chances than we did, and maintained puck possesion in our zone for large portions of their pp time... thank vokoun they didn't score 5 pp goals to be honest.. meanwhile we had three or four of our powerplays where we couldn't get set up to save our lives, and when we did, we were mostly content with perimeter passes back and forth.. and yet, we both score one powerplay goal... of course our's was a buttugly one where zidlicky's shot was so bad, and so far off target that it caught them unprepared.. 4 of the 5 shots we got were in one wild flurry there on our third powerplay of the night, the only one where we really threatened consistently to be honest..but that's been how we've gotten it done on the powerplay lately...normally our mode of operation is to look absolutely pitiful on most of our powerplays, and anything but a threat and then look awful for about 1:45 seconds of one powerplay where it looks as if nothing will come of it again and then 'bang' the puck luckily bounces right onto someones stick who knocks it in... it looks like luck..and to some degree it is... but what we have are some very good finishers in sullivan, perreault, hartnell, hall and kariya.. and if we get lucky and the puck gets put straight onto their stick...bam

i'm not really down over this one... one of those games where we had it won, where we had it lost, where we had it won again, then lost again.. by the last 5 minutes i was simply praying for a point.. and relieved to get 1. sure two would have been sweet, but to be honest, the way this one went, i'd have almost felt dirty to have gotten two.. get at least one more point in Carolina Friday and this will have been a good two game swing for us.

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