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02-08-2012, 01:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Sony Eriksson View Post
People undervalue Nash because he plays on Columbus. He has averaged 30+ goals a season since being drafted. This guy would do great on a team that has players to compliment him.
He's not undervalued, it has nothing to do with Columbus. He's a very one dimensional player, he scores goals, that's it. Hitch was the last coach to regularly put him on the PK, he's terrible defensively (-20 or more this season, right?) and hardly ever backchecks leading to embarrassing goals like this, he's been the captain for years and the team has quit on multiple coaches. He doesn't stick up for teammates, he doesn't throw checks, he does nothing but score goals, and even that hasn't been happening that much lately.

His value, right now, has never been lower, and it's for a good reason. If anything he's overrated by Columbus fans because he's been their darling ever since they got a team, which, honestly, is understandable. But don't kid yourself, not every team should be chomping at the bit to get Rick Nash. He hasn't elevated Columbus whatsoever, and your own beat writers constantly talk about the country club atmosphere surrounding the organization. Is that sort of thing tied to the team captain? I'd say so.

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