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Originally Posted by HCH View Post
I think Gainey completely miscalculated about what it would take to win. With the "new NHL" he tried to emphasize speed and puck moving over size and strength. It turned out that teams now rely more than ever on 'gritty goals' and the beautiful plays we used to see from guys like Lafleur and Kurri are distant memories.

It was a huge miscalculation that set the team back 3 or 4 years

Gomez was part of that miscalculation but not the only part.
Speed and Puck moving might have worked.

If his 7.3 million dollar centre was someone who could actually play instead of Scott Gomez... ie Daniel Briere or another guy who could legit get us 70-80 pts year in year out and play the number 1 role with Pleks #2.

If his 5.75 million dollar number 1 defenceman didn't turn into an injured wreck in the first game after the rebuild (price skate cut in Toronto was the first of the injuries).

A speedy skilled puck moving team, with a legit #1 centre, and a healthy #1 defenceman has never been put on the ice by the habs. Despite that, they made the conference finals with what we did have in 2010, and were 1 goal away from beating the champs last year with Gomez being crap and Markov, Gorges, and Pacioretty all out of the lineup.

I think the speedy skilled team may have worked, if the execution on the two key pieces wasn't screwed up (one by identifying and trading for the wrong #1 center. 2 by the number 1 D getting injured in circumstances we couldn't control).

Take both the #1 C and #1D off of any contending team, and suddenly you have first round playoff fodder instead of cup champion.

The miscalculation wasn't the style of team he assembled... it was that the guy he identified as the #1 C for that team was a giant turd, and the #1 D was injured in circumstances beyond his control.

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