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Originally Posted by BubbaBoot View Post
Going to be tough to keep him.

Ideally it would be great tp get him for around $2.5MIL for a few years.....anything more and he's gone.

I don't know what the cap is going to be but currently for next season the B's have a little under $11.5MIL available if we use this years ceiling as a measure.


a) Rask.
He is the #1 priority. Love him or hate him he's better than 90% of the GKs out there right now. He's a RFA and woefully underpaid right now in light of his record, be it system enhanced or otherwise. The Bruins need to tie him up long the very least he will double his salary to what Price gets right now.

b) Kelly.
I think he's gone. He is UFA currently at $2.125MIL. I love the guy's play and versatility but it's a lot of dough for a 3rd liner. I am very mixed about this. The 3rd most important contract coming up for next year and the 2013-14 FAs will have an impact on what both he and Boychuk will get IMO.

c) Campbell, Paille, Thornton
Best 4th line in the league. All UFAs who're still effective in their roles, battlehardened and Stanley Cup winners. Campbell (28 yrs old) and Paille (27 yrs old) as PKers and Thornton's (34 yrs old) enforcer / locker room mojo. All make around 3MIL combined. There's really no one in Providence who can step in and do what they do....maybe Caron but that's a long stretch. Suave? Knight? Spooner? Camper? If we can get them for around the same dough (10 - 15% raise), I think that'd be a plus.

d) Hamill
His cap hit is $1.375MIL and he doesn't come close to what the current 4th line can do. He's gone IMO.

e) Pouiliot
His cap right now is $1.1MIL. He's been solid enough but do the B's retain him at the same dough or go shopping for someone else? 50-50 at best.

f) Corvo $2.25MIL he hasn't shown enough to retain his services again. It's no secret the Bruins are shopping for another offensively minded d-man but they aren't growing on trees and will cost the Bruins dearly, thusly taking up a lot of space.

g) Hamilton
On the books for $1.525MIL. Unless he has a spectacular camp I see him at least starting in Providence next season. The B's aren't going to rush him.

h) Savard
However this cap space gets worked out is a speculative mystery and lordy knows how this is going to play out.

Depending on the Rask layout / whatever defenseman pickup and subtraction happens / retaining the 4th line at near their current level.....there is IMO around $4MIL to 5MIL to play with, (this is without Kelly).

Not a lot of headroom IMO unless the cap ceiling goes up significantly.

Boychuk is a quality 2nd pairing defensemen. I think someone's going to offer a big number for him and I don't think it's going to be the Bruins.
f) Hamilton can't play in provo next season. Niagara or Boston for him
g) Savvy gets put on LTIR. So we do know how that will play out.

Also to take into account, the bonus cushion could be back in play if the Bruins decide to go that route.

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