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Originally Posted by HCH View Post
Sorry, I have to disagree. The conference final argument that so many put forward is a red herring. It was an aberration based on some outstanding goaltending by Halak. We can keep deluding ourselves that we were the stronger team in those series or admit that the team won in spite of its play rather than because of it.
Last I checked the goalie was part of the team.

And from Day 1 Gainey has always made strong goaltending a key component of the teams he assembled.

I don't think we can say his system failed, but the goaltending held it up... the goaltending was part of his strategy in the small speedy team.

And as I say below, a real number 1 Centre, and a real number 1 defenceman added to that team, could possibly have made a huge difference.

As for the Boston series last year, we didn't win. On the one hand you say that winning the year before was based on our strong play and that losing last year was bad luck. You are trying to stand on both sides of the argument. If last year was bad luck then the year before was good luck.
In a seven game series, where every game we lost was decided by 1 goal, (2 in game 3, but 1 was empty net) and 3 games were lost in OT.... you use that as full evidence that our team was never built to win.

Again... a legit 7 million dollar player, someone who actually plays like a number 1 Centre would have made a huge difference.

A legit #1 defenceman in Markov also would have made a huge difference.

Not only that, but an 80 pt centre instead of 38 pt Gomez, and a legit Number 1 D for the whole season and we aren't sitting in 6th place... we are probably the team with the home ice advantage in game 7.

Either way, the teams of the last two years were not built to go far without a lot of good things falling into place.
The teams themselves... sure, because our $7.3 million #1 C turned out to be a total bust, and our #1 Defenceman turned into an injured wreck.

Replace them with a healthy Markov, and a legit #1C and the results could be very different.

This isn't proof that a small, skilled, fast skating team can't win... its merely proof that we got the wrong pieces when putting ours together.

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