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02-08-2012, 06:10 PM
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The ol' slide the puck sideways under his stick trick works well if you can put it there and beat him to it, and know you won't get caught up by the defender playing the body.

You can also use the defender's positioning to my advantage. I find myself often being given plenty of space on the outside of the circles because they're expecting me to be looking for a path to the net. If you have have a cannon wrister and can snipe well, you can surprise a lot of people. I can't even count how often I'm given that opportunity and bomb one right on the short-side. I've hit goalies in the mask and bounced it in, squeaked it through tiny holes, exploited their lack of tightness against the post, even knocked a goalie on his ass (thus knocking the puck in - lol) by surprising him with a bean right in the torso. That might not work well if you don't have a heavy shot or can't place it where you want, but if so then it's worth giving a go. If you're prone to missing the net from sharp angles all together then that's another bad idea because it'll hit the glass and possibly exit the zone.

Using the defender as a screen is great too, especially if you're racing up and change your speed quickly right before getting the shot off. Again it mostly helps if you can place the puck where you want it, or at least if you plan to shoot through the defender's legs (I usually do, and I don't seem to not score when I get the chance to do it). They always expect you to come right at them, but the change in speed is tricky. Knowing you're going to do that to gain a couple feet and him as a screen and lay a shot on the net is going to surprise the goalie more often than not. If you don't go through his legs it doesn't hurt to cut one way and shoot back the other. You'd think that'd be easy to stop as a goalie but I'll be darned if that doesn't work a hell of a lot, too.

Last idea I have at the moment is racing up the wing and stopping quickly, cradling the puck behind you to to find and hit a trailing teammate. That extra space you gain on a defender can be big for finding a play.

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