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11-10-2003, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by nuckfan in TO
well I guess than most GMs don't have balls... cause this is something I've noticed GMs talk about ever since I've started following hockey.

to me it makes a lot of sense... it always has...

it's no coincidence that the Canucks haven't pulled off a deal with the Oilers or Flames for more than 10 years! it's not a coincidence that when Bure went on the block the Canucks were basically only listening to 2 eastern teams (Flordia and NYR)... infact I don't think our team has ever made a deal with Minnesota or Colorado either (Northwest Division).

saying a GM doesn't have balls because he thinks like this is stupid!! GMs don't make moves to show the rest of the league they have balls, but to do what is best for their team long term and short term...

If Detroit makes an offer for Iginla, and Philly matches the offer - I'd deal him to Philly in a second...

the whole argument is stupid anyways... Detroit doesn't have the parts to make a deal like this... and what they do have, other teams could match.
Well, Calgary has made trades within its own division (Drury, Reinprecht)
And Colorado has made big trades with San Jose, right?
Detroit got Chelios from Chicago.
Like I said, all things being equal, trade with the team that won't have a chance to leave you with egg on your face.
But I wouldn't turn down a better offer from a team within your conference.

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