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Originally Posted by BobbyJet View Post
Then Q will be fired. Simple as that. There would be no use in prolonging the agony any further.

What you are saying is you've given up for this year. All I can say to that is you don't understand the psychological aspect of this game at all.
I understand the goalie situation hasn't been great this year, and I understand people wanting to upgrade the position, I just simply don't believe a true noticible upgrade is available. I'm with Hoss on this. Since I'm in Phoenix and work weekends, I generally miss the first periods of games and use Twitter to fill in the action. For funsies, go back through the season and check how many times "home run pass," "odd man rush," and similar phrases are used by the beat writers when describing the opponents play. We probably lead the league in 130' stretch passes that make it through three or more guys.

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