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I think a key thing to work on is smooth crossovers in both directions, at full speed, stick handling quickly the whole time. A lot of guys either just try to go wide, or go right at the defender and try to toe drag or something like that, but personally I have the most success by getting the defender moving side to side and off balance while I'm coming at him (with full speed crossovers), then just looking for an opening, whether it be cutting accross him while he's a bit off balance or out of position, or simply going wide while he's a bit off balance or out of position. I think beating dmen is more about getting the defender out of his comfort zone, and beating him with a well timed move (and quick stick handling) rather than FANCY stick handling like toe drags and whatnot.

Basically, watch Forsberg from the 5:28 to 5:40 mark of the video, that's how I try to beat defenders, with lots of smooth crossovers at full speed that get them moving laterally and off balance/out of position:

Also, this may seem obvious, but many people don't do it: skate for open ice. Too many people skate right at defenders, force defenders to be mobile from side to side by skating to open ice and they will often make mistakes.

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