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Originally Posted by NYI365 View Post
A fun questionaire to entertain the masses here at the grand ole HF Boards!!! Posted this in the NHL Talk thread, curious to see fellow Isles fans responses as well! Ok, now down to business!

1.) During the ASG, what would you put in a thought bubble above Carey Price's head as he Tebows?
2.) Which NHL mascot would prevail in a 30 mascot battle to the death?
3.) When will Scott Gomez score a damn goal for crying out loud???
4.) Which "fantasy" will happen 1st? Rick DiPietro coming back healthy AND winning a Vezina, or the Leafs winning a Cup? :p
5.)What would please you more, Seeing any NHL player skating by Pierre MgGuire and just clobber him in the face, or Mike Milbury exiled to Somalia?
6.) What's more embarrasing, Sidney Crosby's hideous "mustache", or Pierre MgGuire?
7.) If you could have a beer with one player, who would it be?
8.) Favorite character from any"The Mighty Ducks" Movies? (Those movies are great god damnit!!!)
9.) Which NHL player has the hottest girlfiend/wife?
10.) Finally, What is your most fond memory as a hockey fan?

1.) Pffffffffffffffttttttttt!
2.) The wyrm from team Sauron
3.) Old Timer's ASG
4.) My fantasy of sleeping with the entire Swedish ladies volleyball team will happen before either of those two.
5.) Though annoying at times, I like McGuire and he'd be more likely to clobber one of us first, and Somali pirates would throw Mike back.
6.) Sid punching someone in their "moustache."
7.) See above. Ladies Swedish volleyball team.
8.) None, but I am hoping for a Final Destination version of the series.
9.) In most cases their GF because they still want to look hot.
10.) Playing.

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