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11-10-2003, 01:13 PM
Mats NAslund
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Originally Posted by ejaculine
How do you know he couldnt handle 30 games a year. To tell you the thruth, I dont think theirs that much difference between Garon and Théo. The difference is usually attributed to the how well the D is playing. There both solid goalies. But in reality, i'm less nervous when Garon is in the net than Théo. Garon is usually solid and consistent, you know what your going to get. With Théo, you never know. Friday's game he let in two softies. He is very inconsistant this season. I still think Garon could easily play 30 games and not lose 2/3 of them like you said. If the team plays with the system, he could do as well as Théo.

Well said .....I agree

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