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02-08-2012, 10:48 PM
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Another option is to look for an older Warrior with a lie 4 Draper. Warrior measure their lies differently, their lie 5 Draper was basically equivalent to a lie 6 P92, their lie 4 Draper is a bit lower of a lie. On their newest sticks the Draper has been renamed Kopitar, and it's only available in a lie 5, but on their older stick it was the Draper, and available in lie 4, 5 or 6. For example, on hockey monkey you can get a 2011 Dolomite with lie 4 Drapers:

If you shoot left they've got lie 4 Drapers in 85 or 100 flex, if you shoot right they've only got them in 100 flex. It's a top of the line stick, and a very good deal at $130, if they have it in your flex and lie it'd be a good choice.

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