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02-08-2012, 11:00 PM
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Originally Posted by ConoR187 View Post
sweet.. so the draper and backstrom are basically identical? ive never had a warrior are they good quality?
Yeah, the lie 5 Draper is basically identical to the P92, while the lie 4 Draper is basically identical but lower in lie.

I've personally always loved the Warrior sticks/blades I've used, and Dolomites especially were very popular (though they've now been replaced in the lineup by the Dynasty). Nice puck feel on Dolos, mid/low kick point, light and well balanced, kick pretty hard. Some people report problems with the blades getting damaged easily at the heel, but I've never had this issue, my guess is that people with this problem are often using sticks with too high of a lie, so they hit heel first on shots. Of course, any stick can break, but I've never had durability issues with Warrior sticks personally.

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