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01-12-2006, 10:02 PM
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I've played with a half shield in Men's League for... I don't know - 8 or 10 years now? For reference, I play defense, and one of the leagues I play in is primarily former AHL Players and former D1 players. These guys can shoot the puck.

About a month ago was the first time anything ever happened to me... My own goalie smashed me in the face with his stick (he was trying to swat at an airborn puck - or so he says... ) - Just opened a gash on my nose and bruised around my eye.

Bled like a stuck pig - I probably shoulda gotten it stitched up, but whatever... Chicks dig scars.

But my point (really - there IS one in here somewhere...) I said I'd switch over to a full cage after the close call, but I didn't. It's just what I feel comfortable with. I feel comfortable blocking shots, wrestling with guys in front of the net, digging in the corners, etc. (Actually - the only time I ever DIDN'T feel comfortable blocking shots, and found myself shying away from them, was one night when I'd forgotten my shoulder pads... Hmmm...)

I think a lot of it also has to do with the guys you're playing against... Most of the guys in the leagues I play in (especially the one with the former A and D1 guys) are very respectable as far as their stick work goes. They can all play the game really well, and so there isn't much stick-work going on at all.

Like I said - go with whatever makes you feel comfortable, and what makes you perform YOUR best. If that means no shield or a half-shield, so be it. If you find yourself shying away from the play out of fear of losing an eye - put on a full cage... You'll get used to it quickly, and you'll be that much a better player because of your comfort level.

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