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02-09-2012, 12:47 AM
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I agree that Syracuse should have a team and so should some of the SUNYs. Most other northeastern 'hockey' states at least have 1 public school team: UConn, Maine, UMass, New Hampshire, UMass Lowell. The Midwest has it figured out, I don't know why SUNY can't. Even Nebraska has a team, lol. The football teams are never going to contend with the South and hockey could fill a void that most of these schools have in school pride. Going with the ACHA is such a cop out but I can't really foresee a change.

Stony Brook wants to go NCAA but you need an on-campus rink and that's probably just not going to happen unless they get a huge surprise donation. The NCAA standards make it pretty harsh for universities to develop hockey programs. They don't want to invest in building a hockey arena when they're trying to improve academic facilities. It's a mixed bag since you're going to have to compete with other large public universities that have the academics and sports eventually.

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