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02-09-2012, 01:19 AM
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Originally Posted by JerryGigantic View Post
And upon review, the puck crosses the line when Marty is on his back inside his own net, arguably prevented from making a play on the puck.
Exactly, there's 2 reasons why this is irrelevant given the call made on the ice.

1) There could never have been a goal in the first place, because the play is dead as soon as any Ranger touches the puck (penalty).

2) If Brodeur stays on his feet, it's a ridiculously simple save anyway.

But it's this whole "Brodeur dove" thing that is beyond outlandish. I dont see how anyone can look at that replay, (whether you think Gaborik intentionally bulldozed Brodeur or whether you think ATrain pushed Gaborik into Brodeur) and say Marty dove.

For starters, he got hit pretty hard.

But the crazier aspect of the "Brodeur dove" argument some are putting forth here is WHY THE HELL would anyone dive in that situation?

WHILE you're making a save?
IN the last 3 seconds of a tie game?
WHILE giving a rebound to the slot?

I mean, really folks?!?!

To qualify, yes, I realize it's being said by RELATIVELY FEW people here, but it's honestly one of the sillier charges I've ever seen on HFBoards.

So to summarize, it's a silly statement to make that a NHL goaltender (let alone a HOF goalie) is going to vacate his net with THREE seconds left in a tie game WITH the puck in the area, regardless of whether or not you think the call was correct or incorrect.

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