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02-09-2012, 06:55 AM
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With the way he handled this year, he has to go. Nobody says it's fair. Life isn't. But all those panic moves to save his job and to make the playoffs and you end up not making them? You are out.

Also, if I'm a President, and I want to go in a certain direction (franco head coach) and I KNOW that the future boss of my coach DOES NOT BELIEVE in the direction I'm headed, would it be wise to keep the said guy? 'Cause clearly, we all know that Gauthier doesn't believe, like most of you, in getting a bilingual coach but the best supposed coach available (as if it's clearly exist). Well, if I'M the President and do believe in it, you don't share my views. And it's enough to find somebody who does.

As his job itself, well it wasn't as bad. Nor was it great. In another situation, let say no coach drama and some playoffs, he keeps his job for at least 1 year. I would never like how he does his business, but on the job alone, he stays. But that's not what happened this year. Also, we have to end the Gainey era. So if Gauthier wants anything to do with keeping his job, he has to surround himself differently and with no Gainey on board.

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