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11-10-2003, 12:44 PM
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NHL teams bail on Canadian Team

Every year all we hear is how Canada hasn't won a WJC gold since 1997. Winning Olympic gols has eased the pain, but Canada has not been that bad since then either. They have won medals in all of the last 5 tournaments. The problem is who ISN'T there. It is not an excuse because we loose fair and square, but why can't NHL teams lend us some more players? In Europe or Russia players usually don't make the team at 18. But in Canada they always keep them younger?
In 1998 we came in 8th place. That was awful. But don't you think Thornton, Marleau, Devereaux, Morris and Phillips would have helped? Thornton scored 3 goals that year. Boston should have released him. In 1999 the same thing with Thornton, Marleau, Lecavalier, Malhotra and Brewer. Lecavalier shoud have been there. In 2000 Gagne, Lecavalier, Fisher, Fata, defense: Girard, Regehr were kept on their NHL teams. Are you telling me Calgary couldn't have spared Fata? In 2001 it wasn't so bad with Hartnell, Williams and Pyatt gone. In 2002 it was only Hartnell and Blackburn. That team blew a two goal lead twice agianst the Russians and was the better team. That was the best team we had since '95. We did have all of our guys that year and should have won. Blackburn probably wouldn't have choked like Leclaire. In 2003 we don't have Spezza, Weiss, Nash, Bouwmeester, Blackburn. That hurt us very bad. Now we may not have Horton, Staal and Fleury won't be touched in my opinion, Nash isn't going to go and Bouchard is tearing it up too. Only Bergeron and Burns might go. But if they don't, that;s still seven guys Canada could have. Because if they had released those players we'd be looking at probably 4or 5 golds in the past 6 years.
Release your players NHL! At leaST GIVE US Horton, Bergeron and Burns. The rest I can understand.

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