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02-09-2012, 09:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Paradise View Post
I agree. Would you consider trading down and acquiring another pick or 2? If so, how far would you think?
It really depends.

IF Winnipeg is say drafting at 8 and there is an offer to say move to 14 and pick up a 2nd, I would only do it if the scouting staff had the 7 guys between 8 and 14 as interchangeable. I.E. Using a HF scale, let's say they had them all rated as 7's. And they were thought to be equal according to my other criteria below.

I wouldn't make the trade if my scouting staff said that at 8 there was still was a prospect or two ranked as an 8 on the board, even if they were in a position that is perceived to be less of a need.

I would always take the BPA in that case.

Actually, if I was in the scouting staff, or in the TNSE war room, position would take a back seat to quite a few factors. I would consider things like;

Overall skill level
Likelihood to reach potential
Work Ethic
(whatever other criteria and traits are deemed important)

as more important things than position, even if I had a weakness in one position.

To get back to your original question, I would have to be sure that all those factors above are close to equal as well between all the players between the spots I was moving.

If not, I would take the guy my scouts and staff think best meet the criteria above, regardless of position.

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