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Originally Posted by Hollywood Couturier View Post
At the carnival i'm assuming they won't let you bring your own sharpie/pen/etc., right? If they will and for other autograph sessions if I want to get my MegaTicket what is the best option for getting a nice clean signature? I have tickets for Jagr, Giroux, and Briere at the Carnival and will probably be going to Read's on the 17th near my house. Goal is to get every player on the team to sign it at one point or another but that might be tough with players like MAB and Harry Z being sent down. Not to mention the looming trade deadline.

That's the thing -- they'll let you use your own pen, you just have to be deliberate about it. I'd go with a silver metallic PAINT pen (NOT Sharpie) for the megaticket (paint is opaque and will pop evenly on any colored background but Sharpie will bleed through). Don't use Sharpie paint pens -- they are the worst and are essentially one and done (the tips dry out immediately). Decocolor makes the best, IMO. If you want everyone to sign it, go with the fine tip. Order multiple because the pens need to be primed just before use (prime it on some posterboard right before you're up for your autograph and make sure it's ready to hand it to them BEFORE you give them your item) and ever so often you get a faulty tip that doesn't saturate the paint (case in point -- last night, I had another color paint pen that I wanted to use on the stick but the tip wasn't picking up the paint, it was just dripping out the side).

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