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02-09-2012, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Sleepy View Post
Glove on though and I swear I get sick less now.

If you are in a beginner beer league and you:
  1. Charge our 5'3 girl with the pink gloves so she gets a separated shoulder.
  2. Crosscheck her twice in the head while she's still on the ground.
  3. Tell us she is a "diver"
  4. Challenge all of us on the bench to a fight.
  5. Then run back to your bench after your penalty and skip all your shifts until the handshake line.
  6. Be allowed to do this **** because every time you take a penalty, your ringer goes out and scores 2-3 shorties.
  7. Continue to average more penalty minutes PER GAME than you do points PER SEASON...

You're kinda a ****** and the type of guy who I wouldn't even trust to shake my hand. That's the only time I haven't and he was running around the rink shouting to the refs "TWO OF THEM DIDN'T SHAKE MY HAND!!!" like he wanted a penalty or something.
Simple solution: take it out on the ringer. And then tell him to his face that it's because his teammate hit a girl.

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