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02-09-2012, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by HBK27 View Post
This was a highly debatable call that could’ve gone either way – even after seeing a replay several times with the benefit of slow motion, experts are still split on whether or not the correct call was made. The ref was in great position to make the call and had a split second to do so – it was as judgment call, not an obvious miss or blown call that he should be getting crucified for.

Gaborik began to stop and then had contact with Volchenkov – from there, it’s tough/nearly impossible to determine how much of the force of Volchenkov propelled Gaborik into Brodeur vs. Gaborik feeling the pressure and easing up a bit on his effort to try to avoid Marty. Given the situation (down by a goal with just seconds left), Gaborik might have been more apt to make contact with Marty than he would’ve otherwise. Marty was clearly interfered with and both players (Volchenkov and Gaborik) were probably at fault, but even after seeing the replay plenty of times I still can’t say conclusively if the correct call was made or not as it was THAT close of a play. Certainly can’t kill the ref either way.
This is why I dont think replay would have made a difference. Its a play that depending on how a person interprets the rule could go either way. I think even if it were reviewed in Toronto it still wouldnt have been overturned. Like you said he was pushed did he knowing he was being pushed ease up? Did he make an effort to avoid Broduer? Who knows and I dont think the replay would have answered those questions definitively.

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