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02-09-2012, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by NvincentYvalentineR View Post
No one is arguing for reviewing everything. Just everything relating to a goal. I can't see how anything is wrong with that. Every other goal related issue is reviewable.

If a puck that is batted down into the net is deemed to be a high stick by the official and resulting in a non goal, that is reviewable.

Why can't the same apply to the interference? Penalty or not the wrong call is being made and therefore because it is related to a goal it should be a REVIEWABLE call.

People worrying about micro managing are worrying way to much. Until they start making penalties not related to a goal reviewable you have nothing to worry about.
I think the problem is that in this case you'd be reviewing a penalty call just prior to the goal - does that mean that you also get to review non-calls as well?

For instance, in the Devils-Flyers game this past weekend, Flyers were on a power play and it appeared that Zubrus had tripped a Flyer which lead directly to a 2-1 up the ice and a goal being scored by Kovalchuk. Would that type of play be subject to review as well? I think the NHL really wants to avoid making penalty calls subject to review, which also are not reviewable in the NFL (for good reason).

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