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Originally Posted by CGG View Post
2nd round pick for Moore
2nd round pick for Wizniewski

Both fantastic deals as far as I can tell. Moore was key to that playoff run and The Wiz was a hero for 50 games in Mtl, earning a $33 million contract for his troubles. Too bad he'll never get those two picks back. Oh wait, he did:

Fischer for 2nd round pick
Cammy for Bourque plus 2nd round pick

Fischer was a complete bust but thanks to a loophole that got turned into a 2nd rounder, which was the exact same pick given up for Wiz. And since you seem to be railing against signing Cammy to a team that was small, then you must be overjoyed at parlaying him into a much bigger Bourque plus one of these magical 2nd round picks that apparently have so much value. So really, we're no worse off in the draft pick department.
I'm always stunned with that kind of analysis. Oh wait, he got the 2 picks back....See, you have also the right to have MORE than 1 pick in a round and actually ADD to the picks you already have. And if you call those deals FANTASTIC, how do you call the Chris Kelly one from Boston? Incredibly awesomly marvelously impossibly great? A guy that played just the same kind of role Moore did and then, Boston paid off that 2nd rounder they gave by something like KEEPING THE GUY. Wizniewski did good yet we couldn't keep him due to money. Gauthier's choice, a good choice based on how much money he got. But the Moore trade? Because of what whooping money he was asking? It made no sense to get Moore for a 2nd rounder, but probably even less sense to let him go since he was a perfect fit for the team we had. Oh and don't tell me you are giving credit to Gauthier for the Fischer pick. I mean, this is where, at one point, an analysis like that make you think that whether things he did, he did great. When a guy is credited for letting Fischer go....

And again, I won't repeat enough, despite the question marks I had, Timmins is OUR GREATEST ASSET. And instead of letting him work his magic with 2 or 3 2nd rounders, we are satisfied 'cause we have replaced the picks we got rid of?

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