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Originally Posted by SoulChaser17 View Post
I would love to go to UMSL, but I need money. In order to get money, I need a job. That's my first priority. I really just need to get my life a little more secure before I try to go back to school.

I liked the idea of volunteering. I love animals. Specifically cats. I looked online and found something like that. But the internet isn't always reliable, how else can I get into volunteering with animals?
Just look up the location of your nearest Humane Society, walk in the door, and ask how you can volunteer.

Also, just an fyi, not many cuties work at the animal shelter. BUT when you meet a cutie and tell her you volunteer with animals....

Oh yeah, and listen to Love Line on 105.7 The Point. It'll make you realize that while what your dealing with no doubt SUCKS, it could be worse. WAY, WAY WORSE.

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