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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Offensively, he's very far behind St Louis now. I don't see whatever defense and intangibles Alfredsson has coming close to making it up. St Louis has also been a better playoff performer (Alfredsson had an amazing 2007 but was generally considered disappointing beforehand).

I guess you can give Alfredsson an A here, which is nice.
It depends how you look at things , Alredsson has a better PPG than st. louis and played more game , and their carreer overlapsed.If you say Alfredsson has a better PPG than st.louis because he played before the dead puck era, take a look at these seasons , they are all very average.Of course st.louis is ahead because his finishes are better , but in the grand scheme of things , st.louis didnt contribvute that much more offense than alfredsson.

Also , while st-louis is superb in term of consistancy , so is Alfredsson.From 00-01 to 09-10 , he never scored less than 70 pts with four 80 pts + seasons ( and one 100pts ) with a couple of these 70 pts season scored in 70 games or so.He's been pretty solid overall , don't want to sell him short on this.

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