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Originally Posted by rubynj View Post
Thanks guys this is good stuff.

I play second line wing and sometimes center on a B league team. I score goals often but they are rebounds and wrist shots.I have skills and at times I can really hold the puck in the o-zone with quick turn arounds and such. I just seem to have trouble getting over that blueline and creating space to get a better chance then using the defender as a screen. I feel like part of this is my teams defensive style and the other is my own confidence. I need to feel confident that I can beat these guys more often and not always dump and chase/long wrister...even if I have improved it enough to be a threat. I need to work on poise.

How do you guys keep your swagger with the puck and poise?
Gaining access/space into the offensive zone, you need speed/agility & puck protection/handling ability. Are you panicking a bit & dumping the puck in well before the defenseman gets close to you? If you play with patience & have good puck control, but still can't get away from defensemen, you may need to work on your skating/speed. I play RW as a LH shooter, I wait for the defenseman make a move or commit himself (or back up too far) & react accordingly, think the best overall advice is skate for open ice & keep your head up (seeing all of your options) while handling the puck well.

I think most players don't work on their 'hands' enough. To really improve puck control, look @ dryland Sean Skinner type stuff. When you can confidently move the puck around your body (4 different areas), you'll become extremely difficult/slippery for a defenseman to stop. I train with golf ball wrapped with a few strips of black hockey tape (to reduce bounce & make the colour right) 10-20mins a day.

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